28th April 2022

Fátima Arrogante Funes member of Anthropofire was invited as a speaker to give a talk on the importance of new geographic information technologies in the detection, monitoring and analysis of fires at the First International Engineering Congress held in May 2022 in Mexico by the Autonomous University of Guerrero. It explained the main advances of the Anthropofire project to date, as well as its future lines: Global Ecological Vulnerability to Wildfires, Characterizing global fire regimes from satellite derived products, Global variation dependences between fire regime variables and threatened forest bird diversity and Characterizing global vegetation copying capacity based on ecological modelling. The interest aroused by the attendees was very pleasing since numerous compliments were received, as well as work suggestions in other branches of natural risks such as landslides. Possible collaborations emerged that are still maintained today with the Autonomous University of Guerrero in terms of susceptibility and ecological vulnerability to landslides. The dissemination and exchange of knowledge with the attendees was of high scientific interest since, thanks to the Anthropofire project, it has been possible to advance in the component of ecological vulnerability to fires, and its interest can be transmitted to the scientific community in said congress.

Link: http://ingenieria.uagro.mx/images/Provisional/PROGRAMA_GENERAL_2022_8422.pdf